Bridal Therapy

  • Are you getting married?

  • Is the stress of planning a wedding overwhelming?

  • Are you struggling to prioritise goals for the big day?

  • Are you feeling stressed out? 

  • Do you and your fiancé often dream of eloping?


This counselling service will help reduce stress, prioritise goal setting, enhance healthy communication and as a result make the wedding planning process more relaxed and enjoyable. 

There is someone that can listen and provide support. 

Call Tess on 0460 947 256 today to book a free 15min chat.

Face to Face appointments are available in Surry Hills.

Counselling is also available to anyone who needs support.



Bridal therapy is here to help you work through wedding stress and mixed emotions leading up to your wedding day and beyond. Getting engaged can be such a wonderful time of excitement and joy. However, it can also leave people feeling overwhelmed, sad and confused. Engagement stress is common.


Planning a wedding can be a difficult time. One day you are going about your normal life, and the next you are expected to be a wedding planner, organiser and a mediator of family expectations. Weddings can cause conflict amongst friends and family members, financial strain and can shine a light on unrealistic expectations. This can result in wedding stress, feeling overwhelmed and post wedding sadness. 

Bridal therapy is here to help you with managing wedding stress and help with goal setting in leading up to your wedding day and beyond. Counselling can assist with making the wedding planning process more relaxed and enjoyable. 

I have planned my own wedding and noticed people only talk about the stress of a wedding once you are already planning one. I noticed that there is little support for brides, grooms, friends and family members that are feeling the pressure of a wedding.This is why I created Bridal therapy to help anyone with managing the stress of a wedding or for counselling in general.


Bridal therapy was created to break the stigma of mental health for brides and grooms to be as well as the general public.

Everyone needs support at different times in their lives.

I am here to help you work through life's ups and downs.  

Beauty surrounds us, but usually we need to be walking in a garden to know it.



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